Why Seo

You Have to Create Traffic to Your Website

To make your web site really pay off, it has to get good web traffic, which means simply that a lot of people are coming to your web site. By checking your web stats you can quickly observe how many visitors your web site is getting and even how many people stay long enough to browse the website.

Programs such as Awstats, a web analyzing program found on most Linux based servers will reveal how those web visitors came to you. Did they click through from a search engine? If so, what keyword brought them to you? Or, did they come from a particular website that links to yours? Your stats will reveal all.

Of great interest to most webmasters is the keywords used by visitors who find your site through the search engines. In the past few years a new science called “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) has evolved into a business model that specializes in making sure your web site gets a strong flow of business from people who look for your niche of goods and services using Google, Yahoo or one of the other big search engines.

The key to great traffic from a search engine is your “search engine ranking”. That all sounds very complicated but it isn’t. When you search for something on the Internet, Google (or your favorite search engine) comes back with lots of web sites for you to consider. The ones it comes back with first are called the first page. And usually there are dozens of pages of web sites that the search engine shows you.

Well, experts tell us that the majority of web shoppers use a web site shown on that first page of links that the search engine returns. So if your web site is among that first one or two pages, you have a good search engine ranking and you will see more customers than a business that is way down on page 54 where customers never go. One of the primary ways to get on that first page is by using good SEO.

SEO is the science of working with search engines so your web site gets a good ranking. SEO is also a fairly complicated science because it involves how your web site is programmed, the kind of text you have on each page and a good SEO expert has specialized tools and software to monitor your SEO on a daily basis to see how you are doing.

So how do we go about improving our web site’s SEO? If you go talk to your web programmers, they will be aware of the terms we learned here today but they may not be equipped to do a professional job of improving your SEO. That is why most businesses that do well at improving SEO for their web sites do so using a professional outsourcing company that specializes in this kind of thing. There are good reasons for you to outsource this function as well.

A SEO company will have those specialized tools and software resources to do the job right. They understand how search engines work and they can prepare specific suggestions to your web team to improve your search engine ranking. And they can employ internet traffic specialists who have that expertise to take your web site from where it is and turn it into a successful money maker for you.

By learning the terminology and what SEO is as we have started to talk about today, you are on your way to finding a good SEO contractor who can help your web site find success and get lots of profitable traffic. Use good common sense in finding a SEO company and check references and employ someone who can really do the job. It will cost you a bit to get the best expertise there is to improve your SEO. But when you see the flood of business and sales that come from the effort, you will know you made a wise investment in using them.